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Solenoid valves are electromechanical devices that control the fluid in a hydraulic circuit or system. They are an essential control mechanism in machines and devices in various equipment and facilities, including automobiles, agricultural machinery, aerospace devices, machinery, and even nuclear power plant facilities. Certified by ISO 4406 21 and NAS 1638, 10, our solenoid valves meet the standards for contaminant-free components.

Chia-Wang specializes in hydraulic solenoid valves that operate on an on/off or proportional basis. We offer solenoid valves of various designs and consider the following factors when designing and manufacturing solenoid valves:

  • The electric current for operation
  • The strength of the generated magnetic field
  • The mechanism used for regulating the fluid
  • The type and characteristics of fluid they control

Our solenoid valve series include the following categories: solenoid directional control valves, solenoid operated check valves, relief/unloading relief/low noise relief valves, pilot operated directional valves, and lift valves. In addition, we offer customization for direct-acting valves, pilot-operated valves, 2-way valves, 3-way valves, 4-way valves, and 5-way valves. If you need standard or custom solenoid valves, contact Chia-Wang now to discuss your details!