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Cartridge Valves

Cartridge control valves are 2/2-way industrial hydraulic valves for controlling air and fluid flows. Screw-in and slip-in cartridge valves are often used in hydraulic systems.

Chia-Wang’s cartridge control valves are suitable for diverse applications that require higher system pressure/flow rates and leak-free control. Our cartridge valves have a compact and lightweight design and demand less space. They are easier to install and maintain than conventional, line-mounted valves. They are suitable for multiple applications, from mobile equipment and machinery to wind power generators.

They contain a complete integrated hydraulic circuit composed of a manifold and cartridge valves. The structure makes them more cost-effective than line-mounted valves. The integrated circuit design also can prevent leakage.

Chia-Wang provides customization services for various cartridge control valves: solenoid-operated cartridge valves, cartridge pressure control valves, cartridge relief valves, cartridge flow control valves, and directional cartridge valves. Contact us for more details!