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Proportional valves are used for controlling cylinders and engines. They are versatile and can be used in traditional applications such as digging machines, concrete pumps, and agricultural equipment and modern applications such as automation that requires electronic control of valves.

We produce three types of proportional valves:

  • EWE series proportional solenoid-operated directional valves, which can be used in machinery such as machine tools and forging tools, vehicles requiring a damping function, and machines operating with a continuous flow
  • EMBR series and EMGB series reducing valves reduce the air pressure to supply the required delivery pressure for hydraulic regulation and for providing maximum pressure protection.

EVGB series proportional reducing valves are continuously adjustable valves. The pressure output of EVGB is proportional to the DC current input. The purpose of these valves is the flow control in power shift transmission, clutch pressure control, and single-acting cylinder position control. The AMP electronic controller is a proportional amplifier changing an input signal into a corresponding control current, prompting a proportional solenoid valve.