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Specialists in Valves

Hydraulic valves must endure large amounts of fluid pressure because many hydraulic systems need to sustain high pressures. For this reason, valves are often made of steel, iron, or other metals, so they are strong enough to withstand continuous operation under pressure.

Hydraulic Valve Introduction

Hydraulic valves are mechanical components in a hydraulic system. These valves function as control mechanisms to regulate fluid movement within a hydraulic circuit or system, such as closing the flow, redirecting pressurized fluid, and adjusting the level of the flow. Depending on the design, hydraulic valves can be controlled manually or automatically.

We provide common valves with a wide range of applications. Examples are WE series traditional valves such as WE series traditional non-modular valves, VWE series cartridge directional control valves, and EVF series cartridge proportional throttle valves. Our customization services are also available if the standard valves do not meet your requirements.

Chia-Wang’s hydraulic valves are made of highly robust metals, including iron, steel, and other metallic materials. Depending on the use, they withstand different levels of fluid pressure. Our robust hydraulic valves are durable and reliable and ensure the smooth functions of machines and equipment. We customize and manufacture three categories of hydraulic valves, including traditional valves, stack valves, cartridge valves, and accessories. Contact us for more details!