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Stack Valves

Stack valves are modular valves that can be sandwiched together and stacked on top of a manifold. A valve stack is used to control an actuator. Each valve block has a mounting surface on the top and the bottom. The valve stack is mounted on a sub-plate or manifold using long bolts extending through the entire valve stack. If the hydraulic control utilizes a single valve, the stack valve can be mounted on a manifold block or a subplate; if multiple valves are stacked, they are mounted on a manifold.

The first advantage of stack valves is that no hose, tube, and fittings are necessary for external plumbing between components. The second advantage is that it is free from the potential leak that occurs with external plumbing.

Chia-Wang produces monoblock type directional control stack valves, sectional type directional control valves, manually operated directional control, and accessories for stack valves. Contact us for more details!