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Brake Valves: VRD series cartridge brake valves are direct-acting, differential area, poppet-type, and bi-directional relief valves. These valves are direct-acting and dual-cross-over relief valves in a single cartridge format. When the pressure at either port exceeds the default value, the fluid will be sent to the opposite port. The back pressure at either port will affect the set pressure of the opposite port at a 1:1 ratio. Because of the symmetrical nature of the pressure at both ports, the default setting is measured at Port 2. The tolerance of pressure difference between Port 1 and Port 2 should remain at +-10 bar.

Logic Valves: VLC-, VLO-, Logic valves can function as other types of hydraulic valves; they can be used as directional control, pressure control, flow control, and check valves. The valves can handle large amounts of flow with accuracy and, because they are mounted in a manifold, cope with high pressures compared with conventional hydraulic plumbing.

CAM-Operated Valves: VMV-08 and VFC-38 end-of-stroke valves are CAM-operated two-way, normally closed directional valves. Hydraulic end-of-stroke valves are used to enable oil passage in a hydraulic circuit. When the slider is triggered, hydraulic oil can flow from P to A. These valves are useful for setting the sequence of two actuators or functioning as end-stroke valves directing flow to the tank.

VDA Series Automatic Inversion Valve: This valve is a double-acting valve, which automatically changes the oil flow direction. The automatic motion typically occurs when the cylinder reaches its end of stroke. Inversion can also be in any position to increase the working pressure to the level of the pilot valve's set pressure.