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Modular Type

Modular Valves, or sandwich valves, are often used to reduce the possible leakage, vibration, and noise in piping. They have a simple structure yet are versatile and economical. Modular valves help simplify hydraulic systems and eliminate pipe connections. They are often combined with other valves or components and provide different ways of actuating valves. The flexibility broadens the possibilities of designing and using a pneumatic circuit.

Depending on the application, a hydraulic circuit can be created by stacking the modular valves in the correct sequence and bolting various modules to a multiple-purpose base. The advantages of modular valves include:

  • Minimized area and space for installation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimized oil leakage, vibration, and noise because pipes and tubes are not necessary
  • A valve body made of cast iron provides strength and durability

Chia-Wang offers several modular control valves, including modular pressure control valves, modular flow control valves, modular directional control valves, and modular compound valves. Contact us for more details!