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EWE-01G, EWE-02G


  • Air Bleeding : In order to ensure stable control , loosen the air vent and bleed air from the valve before starting operation.
  • Manual Adjusting Screw:
    For the initial adjustment or when there is no input current to the valve due to an electrical problem or some other reason, the value can be operated and valve pressure van be increased by rotating the manual adjustment screw clockwise (rightward).
    Normally, the manual adjusting screw should be rotated back fully to the left (count-terclockwise) and secured wish the lock nut.
  • Valve Mounting Orientation : Install the valve so the spool axis line is horizontal.

  • Specifications
  • How to Order
Model Number Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Pressure T Part Allowable back Pressue Flow Rate Rated Current Coil Resistance Hysteresis Voltage Response Time Weight
EWE-01G 255 (3698 psi) 315 (4500 psi) 25 (362 psi) Rated flow Rate
10 (2.64 gpm)
850 20
5 max. 24 0.04
(Note 2)
(4.41 lbs)
EWE-02G 255 (3698 psi) Rated flow Rate
20 (5.28 gpm)
Maxirum Flow
25 (6.60 gpm)
Fluid Type ISO VG 32, 46, 68
Viscosity 10~400 (59~1854 SSU)
Operating Temperature -15~70 (-5~158oF)
Contamination Level ISO4406. 21/19/16 NAS1638,10
Surface Treatment Zinc Phosphate Compound
NOTE) 1. Response time is typical value for a supply pressure of 143 bar (2074.07 psi) and fluid temperature of 40oc
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