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  • These switch mode units provide stepless control for proportional solenoids.
  • Start current (offset) and full load current (FLC) can be individually preset.
  • The current in the solenoid is substantially independent of changes in solenoid resistance and supply voltage variation.
  • The inherent dither, due to switch-mode operation helps to overcome friction effects in the solenoid.
  • Ramp controls are fitted to give up to 10 seconds for the current in the solenoid to build up to its full load value, or to return to the offset point.
  • For connection between the amp/controller and solenoid coil, use a 2-con-ductor shielded wire with a conductor nominal cross-section area of 2.0mm².
  • Type VCTF (Rated Voltage: 300V vinyl cab tire cord.
  • Wiring between the command voltage generator and amplifier should be VCTF 0.75mm² 3-conductor wire.
  • Class 3 grounding. If the ground line is unstable, do not connect the shield to anything.

  • Specifications
  • How to Order
Supply voltage 10~30 Ramp adjustment up/down 0~10
Control signal 0~7.5 Frequency adjustment (PWM) 100~500
Maximum output current
12 and 24 V DC
2000 Ambient operating temperature -5~60
Minimum output current 12V 0~900 Protection rating IP 65
24V 0~600 IP 65 Only with protection seals properly mounted.
Weight 0.15 (0.26 lbs)