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  • Power amplifiers for proportional valves.
  • For connection between the amp/controller and solenoid coil, use a 2-conductor shielded wire with a conductor nominal cross-section area of 2.0mm²
  • Type VCTF (Rated Voltage: 300V vinyl cab tire cord. Wiring between the command voltage generator and amplifier should be VCTF 0.75mm²
  • 3-conductor wire. Class 3 grounding. If the ground line is unstable, do not connect the shield to anything.

  • Specifications
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Voltage type DC Input Dither frequency (DITHER) 50~300
DC Power Input 24 Input control volt. (mA) 4~20
Maximum power 30 (VDC) 0~10
Valve coil restance  10 Fuse 2
Operation temperature 0~65 (32~149oF)
Maximum output current 1 Temperature drift (max.) 0.3mA/'C
1.8 Storage temperature -10~75 (14~167°F)