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  • MOCF series pressure temperature compensated flow control valves can be used for the "A" port or "B" port respectively, or the "A" port and "B" port jointly.
  • Casting iron valve bodies are provided strength and durability for longer life.
  • Internal hardened steel components also provide durable life.

  • Specifications
  • How to Order
Model Number Maximum Pressure Connetcing PT Control Flow Weight
MOCF-03-A,B 250 (3625 psi) 3/8" 0.5~60(△P:70bar)
4.6 (10.1 lbs)
MOCF-03-W 5 (11.0 lbs)
MOCF-03-A1,B1 4.6 (10.1 lbs)
MOCF-03-W1 5 (11.0 lbs)
Fluid Type ISO VG 32, 46, 68
Viscosity 10~400 (59~1854 SSU)
Operating Temperature -15~70 (-5~158oF)
Contamination Level ISO4406. 21/19/16 NAS1638,10
Surface Treatment Zinc Phosphate Compound
  • All screws with metric measure, if require inch measure, please contact us.