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  • Direct acting, spool-type reducing/relieving valve, which can be infinitely adjusted across a prescribed range using a variable electric input.
  • Pressure output is proportional to DC current input. This valve is intended for use as a pressure control device in demanding applications.
  • The EVGB-10 allows free flow from 1 to 3 when no current is applied to the coil. When the coil is energized, 2 is connected to 1 Increasing current applied to the coil will increase the control (reduced) pressure proportionally.
  • If pressure at 1 exceeds the setting induced by the coil, pressure from is relieved to 3.

  • Specifications
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Model Number Maximum Pressure Maximum Flow Rated Current Voltage Weight
EVGB-10 210 (3046 psi) 10 (2.64 gpm) 2000±10% 12 0.3 (0.66 lbs)
1000±10% 24
Fluid Type ISO VG 32, 46, 68
Viscosity 10~400 (59~1854 SSU)
Operating Temperature -15~70 (-5~158oF)
Contamination Level ISO4406. 21/19/16 NAS1638,10