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  • A screw-in, cartridge-style, adjustable orifice, pressure-compensted, manually-operated, hydraulic flow regulating valve (restrictive type)
  • The VF maintains a constant flow rate out of 2 regardless of load pressure changes in the circuit downstream of 2 or upstream of 1.
  • The regulated flow increases form closed to fully open with counter-clockwise rotation of the adjustment screw. The valve will maintain the set flow regardless of pressure variations on the regulated or inlet port. Reverse flow ( 2 to 1 ) bypasses the control orifice.

  • Specifications
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Model Number Maximum Pressure Operating Pressure Control Flow Weight
VF12-23 350 (5076 psi) 250 (3625 psi) 0.1~77 (0.03~20.34 gpm) 0.25 (0.55 lbs)
Fluid Type ISO VG 32, 46, 68
Viscosity 10~400 (59~1854 SSU)
Operating Temperature -15~70 (-5~158oF)
Contamination Level ISO4406. 21/19/16 NAS1638,10