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  • VE-Internal Pilot :
    These normally open modulating elements with an internal orifice between port 1 and port 3 can be used as amain-stage reducing valve. The valve can be controlled remotely using a pilot relief or pilot solenoid valve.
  • External Pilot :
    Normally open modulating elements without an internal orifice act as a restrictive compensator to maintain aconstant pressure drop across an orifice, regardless of variations in upstream or downstream pressure.

  • Specifications
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Model Number Maximum Pressure Maximum Flow Weight
VRQ-03 350 (5076 psi) 30 (7.93 gpm) 0.1 (0.22 lbs)
Fluid Type ISO VG 32, 46, 68
Viscosity 10~400 (59~1854 SSU)
Operating Temperature -15~70 (-5~158oF)
Contamination Level ISO4406. 21/19/16 NAS1638,10